M file: Mothman

The Mothman is a creature that lives near Point pleasant, West Virginia. It resembles a large creature with bat-like wings and glowing red eyes.

There is a large abandoned TNT factory in point pleasant which is supposedly its home. Seeing it is accompanied by a red light in the sky and a sudden pressure change. Sightings decreased after the collapse of silver bridge in 1976, but it is still sometimes seen today.

I would not try to capture it, but you are most likely to see it in the abandoned TNT factory in point pleasant.


M file: Thunderbird

The Thunderbird is a large avian creature that lives near Arizona and New Mexico. It resembles a large condor. Its wingspan is about 25-50 feet long. it has attacked humans and other mammals. A small video camera is all you need to capture a image of it, but sightings are rare.

M file: Dover Demon/ The Rake

Some people call it the dover demon, but I will call it the Rake for the rest of the article.

The Rake is a humanoid creature that lives in Delaware and possibly Arizona. it is about 5 feet tall if it is standing. It usually is on all fours. its skin is white. it has sharp claws and hunts humans by entering the house through tight crawl spaces and then it kills you while you sleep. It is unadvisable to look for this creature at all.


M file: Bigfoot.

Bigfoot is a bipedal hominid that has been seen in Washington, Oregon, Ohio, and most other states. It has been seen around the world and called many names: sasquatch, yowie, yeti. They are usually 8 feet tall and hairy. They have dome-shaped heads and they can be black, brown, red, and grey. They are not usually aggressive but can be territorial. they communicate through wood knocks, howls, whistling and other noises. They are nocturnal and hunt deer, fish, and other animals. They also eat berries and other vegetation.